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Pricing for Daimler with Driver

Part day hire:   $125 per hour                                                (minimum hire 2 hours, from Nelson only)

Full day hire:    $750                                                                  (maximum 9 hours, from Nelson only)

Multi day hire: $925 per day                                                 (minimum 5 days overnight if outside Nelson, discounts for > 3 days)

Chauffeured convertibles: Please enquire


The small print – General information, terms & conditions

Roam James is run by RentAClassic Ltd, 23 View Mount, Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand, established 2012, incorporated 2016. 

Being a local family business, we aim to be as transparent and accommodating as reasonably possible, and recommend you read the following prior to booking with us.

Pricing & Payment

Prices are all inclusive and available in New Zealand dollars only.

Prices are subject to change at any time, but will not change once you have confirmed your booking/paid your deposit (which is nice….).

A 20% deposit reserves your booking, and is due immediately. Once your deposit is paid, you are considered booked.

The balance/full payment is due 6 weeks prior to the service start date. 

There are two ways to pay, details for which we will send once you confirm you wish to proceed.

  • New Zealand Bank Transfer
  • Online secure credit/debit card payment gateway via Swipe HQ

Note that exchange rate fluctuations between payment of the deposit and the final balance may affect the total price in your home currency. You can pay the full balance at any time prior to the due date if you wish to take advantage of a particular exchange rate. 

Cancellations & Refunds

RentAClassic Roam James reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time and for any reason, e.g. illness, health and safety. If cancellation occurs prior to the service start, any payments made to us, including your deposit, will be refunded in full and/or offer the opportunity to re-book if required. If the tour is cancelled for other reasons during the service, monies will be refunded pro rata on the time outstanding.

RentAClassic is not responsible for any losses incurred due to non-refundable travel costs e.g. flights. Travel insurance is highly recommended to cover any unforeseen circumstances that might affect your tour.

Should you wish to cancel, this must be made in writing, and the following charges will apply from receipt of such:

Date cancelled prior to tour start date% of the tour fee due for payment
   Over 40 days prior20% i.e. your deposit 
   15-40 days prior50%
   Less than 15 days90%

No shows or cancellations during the tour will be charged 100%, unless exceptional extenuating circumstances at our discretion.


All hire cars are subject to potential mechanical failure, and being older classics our cars may have a higher risk. Whilst regularly serviced and covered by a comprehensive Roadside Assistance Package, you may not be able to proceed with some or all of the remaining tour itinerary if issues arise, and may incur additional costs on unscheduled accommodation and/or replacement transport. We will endeavour to practically assist to minimise the disruption as much as possible, but we strongly recommend travel insurance to cover such circumstances. Should our vehicle not be available to you for the remainder of the tour in circumstances for which we are at fault, i.e. mechanical failure, we will refund you the portion of the tour cost involving hiring our car only, for the balance of days remaining.

Signing our rental agreement waives RentAClassic Ltd and its officers from all claims, losses, damages or expenses for any adverse outcomes resulting from hire, accidents or mechanical issues by all in the hire party e.g. missed flights or accommodation, holiday curtailment, including if not a resident of New Zealand, waiving the right to commence any legal proceedings outside of New Zealand.

Insurance, Compensation & Complaints

In the event of an accident, medical costs for visitors to New Zealand are partially covered by the Accident Compensation Commission Government scheme ( RentAClassic Ltd also has a $1 million broad form liability insurance policy, but neither of these guarantees total cover in all situations. Car insurance is included, but no travel or holiday insurance. Hence it is strongly recommended that you obtain a travel insurance policy for the duration of your tour to protect you from unforeseen circumstances. 

All complaints must be made at the time of occurrence on the spot to ourselves or the supplier of the facility or service, to allow us/them to rectify the cause of the complaint. Failure to do so may result in your legal rights being reduced or extinguished.

Health and Physical Restrictions

Please inform us of any health restrictions you may have that could put you at risk, or enable us to make your journey more comfortable.




Whilst RentAClassic has made all reasonable effort to ensure the details on this website are accurate and complete, we make no guarantees on such and disclaim all liability arising from any errors or omissions….sorry.

Sorting the essentials...

What chauffeur services do you offer?

We are available for day or multi day Tours of the Top of the South from Nelson, or if 5 days or more, Tours of the southern/central parts of the South Island starting from Christchurch.

We can also do custom transfers to/from accommodation and airport, or provide chauffeuring for weddings, events etc in the Nelson Tasman region.

And uniquely, as well as the Daimler, you can be chauffeured in any of our classic sports cars and convertibles


How does chauffeuring in a convertible work?!

Well it’s certainly a more intimate experience, but basically if there’s just the one of you, we’ll drive you in any of our classic sports cars and convertibles.

Two can be accommodated in our Saab convertible if you’re in Christchurch, and three in our Mercedes SEC fixed roof coupe if in Nelson.

You’ll need to pack lighter than normal if on a multi day tour, but riding in a convertible offers a truly unique and wonderful way to experience our stunning scenery like no other form of transport. And of course you get to decide when the roof is up or down to your tastes and levels of sun block.


Where do you offer chauffeur services from?

Primarily for the Nelson Tasman (Top of the South Island) region, but we can accommodate tours of 5 days or more to go anywhere in the South or North Islands, starting or ending in Christchurch.

Will my luggage fit?!

That depends on the number of passengers and amount and type of luggage! The Daimler has quite a cavernously wide, but not deep boot.  We recommend you bring multiple soft bags as they’re more flexible, but we can send you sample pictures to help see if you can fit everything in. There’s a fair amount of additional storage space in the car itself but obviously it’s best in the boot.

What sort of costs will be extra?

Our pricing is all inclusive, charged on time engaged not distance covered. As with any travel service, we recommend you procure travel insurance to cover any unforeseen adverse events or disruption. 

What booking notice do you need?

A minimum of 48 hours.

How many cars do you have / passengers can you take?

At present we can take from 1 to 3 passengers. Told you we were exclusive. Small is beautiful.

I've never heard of Roam James, how established are you?

Neither had I until 2017 when I started Roam James, but I suspect what you’re really asking is can you trust us. Roam James is a service of RentAClassic Ltd, a small but growing family owned registered limited company, which first started in 2012. Our Transport Service Licence No. 246497 means we’re officially registered with the New Zealand Transport Agency to provide rental and small passenger car services, and jolly good ones at that. As we’re pretty new to that field, that means we try that bit harder.

Our ethos is to responsibly share the joys of classic motoring in this fabulous country. We take care to ensure the cars are maintained and presented in great mechanical and cosmetic condition as we use them for ourselves and our families too. We have a very personal approach in all we do, and we want to ensure you come back more than satisfied.

The best way to judge us though is from what our customers say from their classic car hires – they speak volumes here.

How do I pay and what's your cancellation policy?

Payment is by secure online credit card payment gateway, run by Swipe HQ, with bank transfer an option for NZ bank account holders.

A 15% deposit secures your place & car, with the balance due 6 weeks before the tour is due to start.

Cancellation charges are follows:

   Date cancelled prior to tour start date% of the tour fee due for payment
   Over 40 days prior15% i.e. your deposit 
   15-40 days prior50%
   Less than 15 days90%

No shows or cancellations during the tour will be charged 100%, unless exceptional extenuating circumstances at our discretion.

I'm not familiar with driving in New Zealand, is it a safe country?

Having driven in many other countries and continents, we think so! The roads are well maintained and relatively uncrowded, well policed with low crime rates, along with genuinely friendly locals and pretty good cellphone coverage. 

Like all countries we have our share of discourteous and poor drivers, but with us doing the driving, you don’t have to worry about that…. 

If you’re concerned about earthquakes, well New Zealand has thousands of them a year….but 99% of them are too small to notice! Really significant ones are localised and rarely occur, but the emergency services and our stringent building codes are well setup to cope with such.

About the tours

How do the tours work?

The tours and destinations you see are our suggestions. We don’t arrange specific tour itineraries or book accommodation but can certainly discuss your requirements, make recommendations, and link you up with specialists who can arrange such.

Where can the tours start from?

We can collect you from almost anywhere in the Nelson Tasman region, though length of hire is calculated from the travel time starting from and returning to our base in central Nelson. As examples Nelson airport and CBD are less than 10 minutes away, with Kaiteriteri an hour.

For tours commencing or finishing in Christchurch which will need to be at least 5 days duration, please enquire.

Are the cars reliable, and what happens if they do breakdown?

Whilst a classic our cars are maintained to a high standard, and we have full roadside assistance. In the unlikely event we ‘fail to proceed’ we will assist in providing alternative transport where available, and refund any hours remaining.

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